Health Insurance

Shopping and understanding health insurance plans can be overwhelming. Our goal is to provide individuals and small business with quality insurance products at an affordable price. We try to match each client with a plan to meet your particular needs. We offer a variety of options for health care including:

  • individual health insurance
  • dental, vision, hearing, and prescription coverage
  • short term insurance
  • guarantee issue health coverge

Individual Health

The majority of U.S. citizens who have health coverage are covered through an employer-sponsored plan. Others are covered through a government plan such as Medicaid, Medicare, or the military. If you are self-employed or your employer does not offer health insurance, you’ll likely purchase an individual health insurance plan.

Health insurance companies are for-profit entities. When they agree to insure you, they are betting that you will pay more into the company in the form of premiums than they will pay out for your medical claims. It’s important to apply for insurance before you have any severe medical problems.

Dental / Vision / Hearing / Prescription Coverage

Dental insurance covers expenses related to treating dental problems and is available through various companies. Dental insurance is available for individuals, small businesses, and families as well.  Dental health insurance plans are one way of ensuring individuals and families get regular dental check ups.  Dental insurance is intended to help offset the costs associated with dental care.

Vision insurance is a type of health insurance that entitles you to specific eye care benefits defined in the policy. Vision insurance policies typically cover routine eye exams and provide specified dollar amounts or discounts for the purchase of eyeglasses and contact lenses.

We have plans that will cover dental, vision, and hearing for one low monthly premium.

Prescription plans are numerous and different. Trying to figure out what discounts are offered by a plan, what drugs are covered under the plan, and what fees the plan charges may be a challenge. Many HMO and PPO plans offer discounted prescriptions as part of their healthcare insurance. It is wise to always note whether a healthcare plan includes some type of prescription coverage.

Short Term Insurance

Short term medical insurance is often a lower cost alternative to Cobra.  You have coverage for unexpected illnesses and accidents and can be covered as early as the next day.

Short-term health insurance plans are a great solution when you’re between jobs, waiting for group coverage to start, or if you’re a recent college graduate.

Guarantee Issue Health

This health insurance is for people who cannot qualify for standard health insurance due to existing medical problems. These plans are generally a last resort for health insurance but offer the best solution on the market. Most guaranteed issue policies are also guaranteed renewable.

Let us keep you from being overwhelmed. Contact one of our local, experienced agents to shop a variety of top rated carriers to find the best coverage for your needs.

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