Insurance Reviews

Review the amount and type of coverage is important when it comes to life insurance. Whether it is the policy your grandparents bought you when you were born, or the policy you bought a few years ago, life insurance can be confusing. Our life insurance specialists can review your policies with you to make sure you have the right amount of coverage and make sure it will still be there when you need it.

There are many different LTC policies available and they are ever-changing. Reviewing a long term care policy periodically can help you understand the benefits you have or find out if there are benefits you are paying for that you don’t need

Medicare Advantage plans, and Prescription Drug plans change every year, and so do your needs. It is important to have someone to look over these changes during the Annual Election Period (Oct 15th – Dec 7th) each year to ensure your plan still fits your needs.

Health Insurance plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace ( can change every year. Benefits and premiums can reduce or increase when they renew on January 1st each year. To make sure you still have the coverage you need, set up a health insurance review during the Open Enrollment Period (Nov. 1st – Dec. 15th).