Karen Elbel


Karen Elbel


Professional Biography:

It was a cold wintery day when I was cleaning out my desk. I was a feature writer for a small weekly newspaper and I was wondering if I did the right thing. I loved my job. I love people and listening to their stories and writing about them. It was the insurance man, the one next door to the newspaper who talked me into it. He said I would be good at it. And so the journey began. It was 1987.

Karen Elbel is an independent agent licensed in Ohio and certified to offer Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare Drug plans, Medicare Supplement plans, Long Term Care plans, Annuities and Life Insurance from various well-known companies.

I pride myself on having your best interest in mind and if I don’t have the answer to your question, I assure you I will get the answer for you!


Contact Karen Elbel

E-mail: kelbel2@neo.rr.com

Phone: 330.568.7028

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